Jul 28, 2012 : 06:07 AM

  • Decked Out

    Everyone cannot wait for summer to begin. The sunshine, the beaches, sitting on the patio with a cold one but it can go by so fast if you don't stop & take the time to soak it all in. One way to enjoy those long summer days is on your deck. 


    Everyone has a different idea as to what their ideal patio or deck is so you have to keep in mind what would work with not only the house but with the yard and the property as a whole. You want something that will blend in with the surroundings yet standout in a positive way. A deck can add value to your home if designed and built properly. 


    Decks have come a long way from just a few boards nailed together. You now see stone patios, bricks and with such a mutitude of woods to choose from, every patio can be as unique as you create it. The internet is a great source for ideas. Just type in "how to build the perfect deck" and you will get 29,000,000 ideas. You may have to filter several thousands of these but I think you get the picture. And with selling your home in summer, this may be exactly what your home needs to attract those summer buyers.


    If you would like to discuss what might work the best for your home, give me a call at 250-305-7034 and I'd be happy to come over & help you discover the possibilities that await you. 

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