Feb 22, 2014 : 20:02 PM

  • It's Ok To Be A Proud Canadian

    As we come to the final days of the Olympic Games, I would like this week's blog to be about our Olympians and how proud they should be on how they represented Canada.


    There were many exciting moments for our Canadian Team. From both our Men's Brad Jacobs and Women's Jennifer Jones Curling teams winning gold to our Canadian Women's Hockey Team with an amazing comeback to take the gold and of course, the anticipation of the Men's game at 4:00am on Sunday. We have seen sisters take over the slopes to win gold & silver to our Team Canada skating team taking home silver. 


    History being made in so many venues from our Women's Bobsled taking gold again to the introduction of new sports such as Freestyle Half pipe that were hugely successful and exciting to watch. The Snowboard Cross as also a newer sport in the Olympics saw successful results and exciting races. 


    We have seen true Canada moments where athletes have given up their spot for their teammate to race to the Canadian coach assisting another team's cross country skier in his time of need. 


    We have seen coverage that has gone from Facebook to Twitter to live stream on our laptops to our tablets and even our cell phones.  With so many athletes shining in this Olympics, the committee is having a tough time trying to figure out who will carry our flag in the closing ceremonies so they have put it out there that viewers can vote for who they feel should represent our country with that honor. Click on this voting link to add your voice. 


    We are at the top of our game in the medals standings and I think every Canada is proud of what our athletes have accomplished.  If you are an early riser, the Men's Hockey team will fight for gold early Sunday morning so tune in for the excitement. So I hope you get a chance to take in the closing ceremonies and celebrate with our athletes a moment that will be forever remembered in their hearts. Go Canada Go! 

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