Apr 27, 2013 : 18:04 PM

  • Landscaping on a Budget

    Landscaping on a budget can be a challenge but with a good plan and a little ingenuity, you can create a stunningly landscaped yard that will make the neighbors (and buyers) stop to take it all in. Here are some tips for keeping within your budget.

    Have A Plan

    The first step to creating a great landscape design is a well thought out plan. If you're stuck for ideas, the best inspiration is to take a walk around your neighborhood and admire other yards that you like.  Even going online to do a google search can give you great ideas. Then take the time to analyze your yard. Take into account shaded areas, sunny areas, slopes and any other characteristics of your property that will affect what you can build and plant. Having a completed design on paper will help you come up with your wish list, so you can get a good idea of your budget before you even get started.

    More Bang for Your Buck

    There are lots of ways to make your landscaping dollars stretch. Buying young plants can be fairly inexpensive, but  keep in mind that it may take a few seasons to grow to their full potential. Perennials are a good investment because they come back every year.  Plant sales, especially toward the end of a season may not give you immediate results but it will work towards the long term goal of your design. Find out what plants thrive in your zone and if you need a lot of mulch, it may ultimately be cheaper to get it delivered by the truckload rather than hauling home individual bags.

    Shopping in Stages

    Unless you hire a landscaping team, it makes sense to buy plants and supplies in phases. This method will also help you make the best use of your budget. Landscaping is a process so you may not be able to fill in all the empty spaces immediately. Individual planter boxes or pots can temporarily help in filling in gaps. 



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