Mar 09, 2012 : 21:03 PM

  • Re-listing Your Home in Spring

    If you are one of the many sellers who took their house off the market last winter, intending to relist in the spring, it is almost that time again. 

    It's important you learn from your experience and look at some changes in your approach to selling.  If you want different results, you need a different approach.  You need to set your house apart from the competition.  Here are a few different areas to look at:

    • Make condition and presentation your priority. Often sellers will consult with their realtor on how they can make changes to have the best 1st impression for the buyers. The option of hiring a Professional Home Stager for advice can also assist with the most cost effective improvements.
    • Prepack as much as possible. Clutter can distract the buyer from seeing the potential your home has for them. 
    • Clean, paint, and update. Paint is cost effective and can make the difference between listing and selling.
    • Organize kitchen cabinets and all closets. The more organized your home appears, the better for buyers to see its potention and not that it is lacking storage space.  
    • Competitive price. Work with your realtor in analyzing the market to see if your price is competitive with other comparables in your area. This is a key area the gets your home noticed. 

      Usually with making positive changes you will have positive results. 


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