Jul 14, 2012 : 19:07 PM

  • Summer Shopping

    Ahhh! Summer is here! The beautiful weather makes you want to sit back on the patio and just take it all in. But this may be the ideal time to go and try out someone else's patio to see if that might be your next backyard.


    Summer house shopping can be an ideal time to jump into the market. Buyers are usually limited as many choose to take the summer off, go on holidays and look to resume their house hunting in the fall. As a buyer, this can be the exact time that you want to look at properties. The outdoor space should be in full bloom and you will see the property at what should be its peak for the season. If outdoor space is a high priority for your wish list, this gives you the chance to experience what a summer would be like at this home. You'll be able to visualize where you want the pool or if the existing deck would be large enough for your entertainment needs. It also gives the opportunity to see what the maintenance requirement would be to upkeep the property in the summer.


    So if you are thinking of taking the summer off from your new property search, maybe rethink your holiday plans and toss in a few days of house hunting into the schedule.

    If you'd like to see what properties might fit into your plans and lifestyle, give me a call at 250-305-7034 and we'll look at all the opportunities that await you.  

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