May 17, 2014 : 20:05 PM

  • The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Your Summer

    The long anticipated wait is over...the May long weekend is here! To many this is the start of summer. Grilling on the BBQ, relaxing on the deck with a cold beverage and just taking in the sunshine is just a few of the many things we enjoy about summer. It makes it a little tough to completely relax as with summer comes many new chores or projects that we couldn't tackle in the dead of winter such as lawn care, gardens and of course our decks which were most likely covered in snow. My focus this week is on our decks and how we can get the most out of them in what is really a short season. 


    A wood deck can take a beating over the winter. The temperatures and snow load can cause you to look at refinishing the deck every few years just to keep it in prime condition. I found an article that looks at refinishing your deck. 


    How To Refinish A Wood Deck



    This article looks at the steps you need to take in order to refinish a wood deck.

    Once you've tackled the deck, the outdoor grill is of course the most obvious next step. We've surpassed the days where you bought a $200 BBQ and just threw it on the deck and were done. Many homeowners are moving the kitchen outdoors in the summer and are cooking everything from steaks to pizzas outdoors. I searched for an article that covered the variety of grills out there and here it is.

    Your Guide To Grills And More For Great Outdoor Cooking


    I hope these articles give you a few ideas on how you can make the most out of your summer space.  Often we'll do projects with the longterm view of how it will affect the resale value of our property. This is a great focus to have but sometimes you also have to remember that you are still living in that home and may for many years so take the time to also invest in items that you will enjoy and not just the next homeowner. 

    If you are thinking of selling this year and wonder what route you should take when it comes to the outdoors on your property, give me a call and we can look at what would entice buyers to want to spend the summers at your property. 



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